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DEWDistant Early Warning (Line)
DEWDepartment of Environment and Water Resources (Australia)
DEWDiamond Equivalent Weight (jewelry)
DEWDeutsche Edelstahlwerke
DEWDiagnostic Evidence Worksheet
DEWDirected Energy Weapon
DEWDefense Early Warning
DEWDampfeisenbahn Weserbergland (Germany)
DEWDonald E. Westlake (novelist)
DEWDortmunder Energie Und Wasser (German: Dortmund Energy and Water)
DEWDirected Energy Warfare
DEWDeveloping the Economy from Within
DEWDigital Ethnography Workgroup
DEWDirected Early Warning
DEWDirectors' Early Warning
DEWData Engineering Workstation
DEWDefensive Electronic Warfare
DEWDepartment of Energy and Water
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Army's Oliktok Long Range Radar Site in far northern Alaska, formerly a Distant Early Warning Line station (courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)
Chemical The Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line, installed along Canada's north during the Cold War to ensure early detection of foreign attacks, has left an ongoing burden of PCB contamination.
Soon thereafter, Crowley began supplying the Distant Early Warning (DEW) line radar installations that the U.
For another, they could serve as a distant early warning system.
The Distant Early Warning Signs (DEWS) system provides municipal leaders with 21 indicators for measuring tension in a community.
The old Distant Early Warning, or DEW, Line is to be "upgraded" and renamed the North Warning System.
Classics including Distant Early Warning, The Big Money, Closer To The Heart and The Spirit Of Radio sit comfortably alongside the band's best new material in decades.
Starting with the Distant Early Warning line, the project will evaluate the ramifications through the era of urbanization and politicalization in the Arctic (late 1950s to the present) and simultaneously undertake research into future effects, considering physical, biological, mercantile, strategic, international cooperation, and maritime control factors.
The Department of National Defence and Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated -- the corporation that implements land claim settlements in the region on behalf of the Inuit -- have reached an agreement on the environmental provisions for the clean-up of 15 Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line radar sites within the Nunavut area.
North American Air Defence (NORAD) Command, the Pinetree Agreement (phases 1 and 2), the Mid-Canada Line and the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line, and a brief history of all the air defence stations, bases and squadrons have been included in this book.