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DIVODatabases in Virtual Organizations (workshop)
DIVODivisional Officer (US Navy)
DIVODigitally Integrated Video Overlay (software)
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Brought together by Simon Cowell in 2003, Il Divo (Urs Buhler, Sebastien Izambard, Carlos Marin and David Miller), spearheaded an entirely new musical genre with their groundbreaking debut album in 2004.
June Picken and Nicola Felton with |Il Divo at their Birmingham concert
The legendary Barbra Streisand has long been a supporter of Il Divo and gave them a big boost when she invited Guru: and, right, Katherine them to join her for part of her tour.
David enjoys recording, but says it is when Il Divo play live that the music really excites him.
The products in the range are: DIVO Cubed Gorgonzola Piccante P.
Il Divo opened the concert with the Celine Dion chart-topper My Heart Will Go On from the blockbuster film Titanic.
The final running order features Il Divo favourites from over the group's recording career, and new numbers including Elvis' Can't Help Falling in Love and Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You.
On the same date - November 26 - that Katherine released her first festive album, This is Christmas, Il Divo released The Greatest Hits.
Mezzo soprano Katherine and operatic pop vocal group Il Divo have sold more than 30 million albums between them and have shot to fame since their recording debuts in 2004.
Il Divo are four multinational male singers -- Miller, Frenchman Sebastian Izambard, Swiss Urs Buhler and Spaniard Carlos Marin -- brought together in 2003 by Cowell, the man responsible for X Factor, One Direction and Cheryl Cole and the talented quartet are as physically attractive as they are technically accomplished.
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