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DIXDEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), Intel, Xerox
DIXDec Intel Xerox
DIXDigital Information Exchange
DIXDevice Independent X
DIXDigital, Intel and Xerox
DIXDigital Identity Exchange
DIXDanish Internet Exchange Point (Lyngby, Denmark)
DIXDeaf Information Exchange
DIXDivergence Measurement
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Notable por su decision de permanecer en territorio aleman a pesar del triunfo del Nacional Socialismo en 1933, Dix soporto la descalificacion y destruccion de su obra al ser nominada como Arte Degenerado en 1937.
El espiritu contradictorio--"la dualidad"--de Otto Dix recorre la muestra y obliga al espectador a aceptar la autodefinicion del artista como "revolucionario reaccionario", al tiempo que desarrolla un discurso estetico dentro del gran expresionismo aleman.
Joining Dix, Fisher and Clifton are team members Megan Price, a financial advisor, and Eileen Stella, a senior client service associate, with a combined 42 years of industry experience.
The work benefits Mr Dix now wails against were in the Conservative manifesto, many millions voted for the Tories, millions more than voted for Labour, almost a hundred more seats than Labour.
Dix represented an important voice in the nineteenth-century rise of rehabilitation rhetoric, which framed the penitentiary as an institution of reform and shaped the American approach to criminal punishment until the late twentieth century's turn to a "culture of control (Garland, 2002).
Before the meeting Coun Dix said he did not believe he had anything to apologise for, and thought the bid to discipline him for voicing his views was the kind of approach that turns the public off politics.
Walter Dix and Co's premises feature a dedicated area where regular demonstrations are held on both AGA and conventional range cookers.
When three of Hazel's grownup children stumbled across the horrific scene with Dix, then 50, standing over their mother's remains, a knife still in his hand, he chillingly told them: "We've had a little argument.
As Dix is not the narrator of the book, we know less about his internal state.
Dix takes over for Tom Woletz, who retired in June.
This isn't the first time Dix has been accused of the scam.
Also taking in the Borderlands area and the Wales Coastal Path, Professor Dix is completing a full circuit of Wales armed with several mobile phones, laptops, minitablets, a camera, voice recorder, GPS and SPOT device.