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DIYADutch Indian Youth Association (Netherlands)
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Diya thinks Knox, 20 - who dubs herself Foxy Knoxy and worked at his bar - decided to implicate him when they met a day before they and her lover Raffaele Sollecito were held.
Miss Vatansever is the London-born daughter of immigrants from Cyprus, while Miss Diya is a British citizen of Nigerian descent.
Knox, her Italian boyfriend Rafaelle Sollecito, 24, and barman Lumumba Diya, 37, were arrested in raids at 7am yesterday.
Sollecito was thought to be finishing his degree in the city and Diya, who is also known by the name Patrick, had been in the country since 1988 and had a regular work permit.
They are made by hand, sometimes engraved using simple tools, said Chandanlal, a diya maker.
Meanwhile, people took to the streets in Diya to denounce the regime's apprehension of peaceful protesters.
The man's father Hisham later held a news conference to denounce the incident, saying it was "merely a misunderstanding between my son and Diya and I am not involved in it.
Besides a special teleplay,inter university quiz show, Azmaton ke Nishan, PAF's special play Sheh Par, Special Mushaira, special play for children Hum Sab Aik Hain, special youth programme Diya Jaley Rakhna and Defence Day Show would also feature in the transmission.
Name of Product: 6-Outlet Power Strip Manufacturer: Ningbo Diya Electric Appliance Co.
On the other hand, Diya FC manager Sadia Shaikh said that the league will force the clubs to utilise the full potential of their players.
Aditya Harish, Ansh Dave, Sharanya Basu and Joshua Joseph of Team Blue were the 1st runners-up, while Team Green of Abhiram Sai Anilbabu, Diya Rao, Siddharth Shukla and Aviva Shibu were the 2nd runners-up.
Singh has just signed a contract with Diya Kumari of the Jaipur royal family to manage the palace- hotel, which has been given a complete facelift by accomplished designer Adil Ahmad, creative director of Charbagh, GoodEarth.