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DKMSDeutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei (German Marrow Donor Program)
DKMSDynamic Kernel Module Support
DKMSDistributed Key Management System (IBM Corp.)
DKMSDistributed Knowledge Management System
DKMSDesign Knowledge Management System (software project)
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DKMS works globally to recruit donors, create awareness, and raise funds to match donor registration costs and support the improvement of therapies through research.
Miquel Leon, head of fundraising at DKMS, said: "Saving the lives of those who need a blood stem cell donation takes people, and lots of them.
During the star-studded event, Katharina Harf, COO of DKMS Americas and host of the event presented the "DKMS Linked Against Leukemia Award" to global pop star Rihanna for her tireless work with the organization to register bone marrow donors and help save lives.
This is her last chance," said Alexandra Rothenberg, a spokeswoman for DKMS Americas, whose parent company DKMS is the largest bone marrow registry in the world.
The DKMs openly and honestly sing about wives and kids now in the band members' lives, and they likewise look back on the past and give meaning to the experiences of their occasionally ill-spent younger days.
The DKMS mission is to lead the fight to defeat blood cancer by empowering people to take action, give bone marrow and save lives.
This equates to almost 2,000 admissions in England's hospitals for blood cancer every month, DKMS - formerly Delete Blood Cancer UK - said.
The event will take place at Cipriani Wall Street on May 1, to honor those that have given back by working with Delete Blood Cancer DKMS, the world's largest bone marrow donor center.
Through DKMS, the largest bone marrow registry in the world and an organization dedicated to swabbing potential donors, Healthy Woman OB/GYN is able to have kits available on site to swab anyone interested in helping Shira find her donor.
8 million dollars to support the DKMS 4th Annual Gala held on April 29 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City.
Rihanna, who wants part of the fund to go towards DKMS, which helps to try and find bone marrow donors for the victims of leukaemia, revealed after her performance at the Refresh Project's launch party, how Jasmina had spurred her on to help others suffering from the disease.
The swab will determine if individuals are a match for any of the patients in a comprehensive database compiled by DKMS, the world's largest marrow donor center.