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DNMDigital Natural Motion (Philips)
DNMDoctor of Natural Medicine
DNMDenham, Western Australia, Australia (Airport Code)
DNMDown Memory
DNMDangerous New Machine (band)
DNMDoctorate in Natural Medicine
DNMDo Not Mention
DNMDistributed Network Management
DNMDouble Negative Material
DNMDynamic Network Management
DNMDo Not Mount (electronics)
DNMDelayed Neutron Monitor
DNMDistinct Network Monitor (software)
dNmDeci Newton Meter (torque unit)
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If there's any alteration in a patient's condition, the house surgeon and DNM are called.
If patients have to be transferred to or from Waikato Hospital after hours, then the DNM will organise the nurse-only flight team, contact the travel agent to book accommodation and flights for family members, or organise petrol vouchers for them, and complete the necessary paper work.
As we stated before, the DNM systems, which we described, could be passive or active.
There are close similarities between DNM and dynamic biped walking (DBW).
At last, we manufactured and tested the DNM structure, which is shown in Figure 2(b).
The diagnostic criteria for DNM were first defined by Estrera (1) as follows: (1) clinical manifestations of severe infection; (2) demonstration of characteristic roentgenographic features; (3) documentation of the necrotizing mediastinal infection at operation or postmortem examination, or both; (4) establishment of the relationship of oropharyngeal or cervical infection, with the developement of the necrotizing mediastinal process.
And the system would perfectly identify players who dive after balls they have no chance at; they would have a huge number of DNM plays and very few HSP plays.
NPS guidelines advise DNM visitors to stay on maintained trails to avoid raising dust or stepping on native soil.
The increasing complexity of virtual environments, and the amount of data that must be compiled and analyzed to efficiently manage them is taking a toll on IT budgets and ROI models," said David Quirke, CEO at DNM Technology.
As seen in table 6, a 1 dNm increase in torque at 7% strain represents a significantly higher percent cure than a 1 dNm increase at 50%.
Table 6 - cure properties of sSBR-based tread compounds Test Compound ODR @ 160 1 2 3 4 5 Silica - A B C A % Silica 0 25 Minimum torque, dNm 5.
A universal player, WinDVD 6 Platinum combines support for an extensive range of video and audio formats, and integrates Trimension(TM) DNM (Digital Natural Motion) technology for the smoothest motion playback.