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DOJDepartment Of Justice
DOJDay of Judgement
DOJDate of Joining (human resources)
DOJDermatology Online Journal (est. 1995)
DOJDefender of Justice (comic)
DOJDouble Offset Joint (automotive)
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In March 2012, a DOJ audit of the program noted their "special emphasis on the love of God and fidelity to our country.
The DOJ already has an enormous amount of leverage under the FCPA.
Recommendation: Recognizing that DOJ is already engaged in efforts to refine its Recovery Act JAG performance measures in the Performance Measurement Tool (PMT), and to better monitor Recovery Act JAG program performance and demonstrate results through use of this instrument, the Acting Director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance should, in revising the department's Recovery Act JAG performance measures, consider, as appropriate, key attributes of successful performance measurement systems, such as clarity, reliability, linkage, objectivity, and measurable targets.
On April 2, I sent DOJ an e-mail asking the status of our registrations.
Approximately 30 attorneys from the DOJ Civil Rights Division and 190 FBI special agents in 56 field offices investigate and prosecute civil rights matters.
Following NARA's request, DOJ uncovered more than 15,000 additional emails, including emails from another OLC official, Patrick Philbin, who also was involved in drafting the torture memos.
Third, the Center shows that it is well-established legal doctrine that government intervention, whether by the FCC or the DOJ, may not be directed at equalizing competition among competitors.
The year and a half of change, uncertainty, missing information and unobtainable forms are, in part, why so few law-abiding Californians succeeded in running the DOJ assault-weapon registration gantlet.
The USCA has requested a Microsoft briefing schedule to be filed by Monday, October 1, with the DOJ to respond by October 5.
Agencies should contact the DOJ Response Center for information on grant opportunities available through the COPS office.
What makes these cases telling - and adds to the image of HUD and DOJ as agencies motivated by bureaucratic vindictiveness - is that they are being prosecuted after HUD received a great deal of negative publicity in 1994 for the way it handled a case in which three Berkeley, California, residents opposed converting a hotel into a homeless shelter and drug rehabilitation halfway house.
DeLay's actions really were not criminal, shouldn't DOJ be happy to turn over its records and prove that?