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DoMSDepartment of Management Studies
DoMSDirector of Military Support
DoMSDirectorate Of Military Support
DoMSDell Order Management System (software)
DoMSDelayed Onset Muscular Soreness
DoMSDevil on My Shoulder
DoMSDigital Objects Management System
DoMSDistribution Operations Management Strategy (water utility operations; UK)
DoMSDiploma in Ophthalmic Medicine & Surgery
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Above all, it is conceivable that the suspended moxibustion could be a potential treatment for DOMS.
The current study therefore aimed to determine the effects of prolonged ingestion of a CHO + casein hydrolysate (CHO + PRO) supplement post-exercise on perceived levels of DOMS and muscle fatigue, in international level Sevens rugby players participating in a 23-day pre-season training camp.
A study examined the effect of caffeine consumption on DOMS in 16 female basketball players and showed that caffeine can prevent the increase in serum creatine kinase caused by DOMS [10].
Massage - A superb way of easing sore muscles, a good sports therapist will know exactly how to tackle DOMS.
Exercise that causes DOMS is usually described as sudden, novel, and unaccustomed activity.
We aimed to determine whether there were changes that could be detected in clinical measures, including maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressures (MIP and MEP), DOMS, and plasma CK that may indicate inspiratory muscle damage following a bout of inspiratory loading exercise in healthy adults.
FROM DOMS TO OCHE: Winners and officials lined up at the Southfield Sports League annual presentations in July 1988 are (from left, back row) Tommy Smith and Bob Brunton (darts pairs), Ron Edwards and Derek Lajbrok (whist); middle row: Chris Vaughan (darts), Colin McClelland of Newcastle Breweries, Bill McQuade (president) Tony McAndrew of Newcastle Breweries, Keith Corner (billiards); front row: Stan Walker (snooker) and Tommy Appleby (dominoes).
8] have examined the stability of the liquid crystalline phase of DOMS as a function of cure.
As far as the relationship between DOMS and power, there was not a high correlation between the two as expected.
To date, DOMS has been involved in 61 separate requests--47 from FEMA and 14 from other federal agencies--for the disasters in New York and Virginia.
Although the causes of DOMS are not fully understood, scientists have eliminated some factors once thought to cause muscle soreness.