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DOCSDepartment of Community Services (Australia)
DOCSDepartment of Correctional Services
DOCSDental Organization for Conscious Sedation
DOCSDSCS Operations Control System
DOCSDisk Oriented Computer System
DOCSDigital-Optical Control System (helicopter)
DOCsDiagnostic Outpatient Centers, Inc.
DOCSDistributed Office Communication System (IBM)
DOCSData-Over-Cable Service
DOCSDoctors on Call for Service (St. Simons Island, GA)
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Full-text searching - Eprise Docs creates a full index of documents within the system and dynamically generates a list of keywords based on the content of the document.
District officials thanked the Company for the donation and installation of the DOCs.
Integrated into Ellie Mae's ePASS(R) Business Center, Docs Plus on the Web can be accessed by users from any computer with Internet connectivity.
Once completed, the new client-management system will automate manual tasks, allowing all DoCS employees to deliver consistent service to constituents.
MOR Docs supports ongoing, non-disruptive modification of the document templates, allowing customers to update workflow according to evolving business needs.
My Docs Online offers Nextel subscribers a fully secure, personal virtual drive accessible from any business system, home computer or wireless device.
By offering access to high quality, problem-free closing docs, everyone benefits, from the broker to the customer.
The ARM's reports can be used in conjunction with DirectSight(TM) technology, which greatly reduces network traffic by staging portions of documents on Intranet Docs servers and delivering them as needed to the user.