DODIDiamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. (various locations)
DODIDepartment Of Defense Instruction
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Dodi was no stranger to celebrity girlfriends, being linked to the likes of Brooke Shields, Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, Tania Bryer, Britt Ekland and Susannah Constantine (one half of the the boob-obsessed Trinny and Susannah).
She said Dodi told her of Diana's fears weeks before the fatal Paris car crash in 1997.
Miss Fisher said she taped the conversation in August 1997 about two weeks before Dodi and Diana were killed in a car crash in Paris.
She agreed it was "apparent" that Diana and Dodi were sleeping together, adding, "They were clearly having a relationship and were a couple.
Rene Delorm also told the couple's inquest that Dodi had told him earlier that night to prepare some champagne as he was going to propose to Diana.
The Princess looks happy and relaxed - smiling as she stands next to Dodi.
Dodi and Diana in their last few days; LONDON; Dodi's Park Lane apartment, with giant teddy bear on sofa; LONDON; Picture of Diana next to Dodi's bed; PARIS; Presenter Keith Allen walks through Dodi's Paris home; LONDON; Portraits of Diana and (left) Mohammed Al
Diana, 36, and Dodi, 42, died along with chauffeur Henri Paul in a horrific smash in a Paris underpass on August 31, 1997.
The details of the Diana and Dodi tribute will be revealed in a new book on the millionaire tycoon, who also owns Harrods, published this week.
It is thought the Royal Family opposes an inquest, partly because of the concern that Dodi Fayed's father Mohamed Al-Fayed, the billionaire owner of Harrods, would use the event as a vehicle to express his conspiracy theories about the couple's death in Paris.