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DOHRDepartment of Human Resources (various locations)
DOHRDirector of Human Resources
DoHRDefenders of Holy Relic (Czech gaming guild)
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Wendell of Benton; daughter Audra Motter (Larry Keating) of Ingleside; granddaughter Krystle Motter of Round Lake; great-granddaughter Regan Starnes; brother Raymond Dohr of Benton; and several nieces and nephews.
Stefan Dohr, Andrej Zust, Stefan de Level Jezierski, and Sarah Willis played two great concerts.
Fortunately, Dohr intends eventually to issue the works of Rosenmuller in practical editions with modern clefs.
Kuessel's attorney, Michael Dohr, said he would appeal against his latest conviction.
Also, as implied in theoretical derivations and practical tests (Beck, 1981; Barker, 1990; Bertin, 1981; Dohr, 1981; Freeland et al.
Les deputes du parti de la Liberte et de la Justice ne se sont pas retires pour effectuer cette priere de Dohr, mais ont attendu leur tour pour preter le serment constitutionnel.
Two bulldozers accompanied by Israeli soldiers and officials of the Israeli civil administration arrived to Dohr Sobh area and started the demolition.
Comparing epistemologies that value reflective assessment over immediate affective assessment, Daniel Dohr asks whether the latter demand a kind of judgment that differs from the norm.
Legitimite, revolte et revolution: autour d'Action Directe, Luce: Acratie, 1990; Bernardine Dohr, Bill Ayers, Jeff Jones (eds), Sing a Battle Song.
We look forward to this exciting task," explained Dieter Dohr, Managing Director of GHM.
Appeal was made by chairperson of DOHR, Aamna Masood Janjua here Monday.
Asi, Dohr (1950:55), en el capitulo 15 de la "Restatement of the Law of Contracts", divulgada en 1932 por el American Law Institute, senalaba que: "En aquellos casos en que una declaracion falsa es probable que afecte a la conducta de un hombre razonable con respecto a una transaccion con otra persona, entonces esa falsedad es significativa".