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I got six dollars a week from my job on the paper and always took it straight home to mother.
It would be pitiful to tell how their days were spent to accomplish this end; how the dollars had been saved for thirty years and the picayunes hoarded; and yet, not half enough gathered
Says it will run to about five thousand dollars a mile.
How could the born, lady the recluse of half a lifetime, utterly unpractised in the world, at sixty years of age,--how could she ever dream of succeeding, when the hard, vulgar, keen, busy, hackneyed New England woman had lost five dollars on her little outlay
They will certainly be over two hundred dollars and maybe three hundred; and three hundred dollars is more than the year's income of many a person in this room.
Furniture maker; twenty years in the city; worth ten thousand dollars, all his own earnings; a Baptist.
Wunst I had foteen dollars, but I tuck to specalat'n', en got busted out.
A series of ten lectures was arranged for Bell, at a hundred dollars a lecture, which was the first money payment he had received for his invention.
I sighed when I remembered that poor Adrienne had received but about ten dollars for ME--an article worth so much more than that there exhibited.
And so they had a meetin’, and made out a vardict of eighty dollars for the buildin’s.
Beaver was valued at two dollars per skin, though worth five dollars.
I only know one clerk--he gets four dollars a month.