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DOLSDeprivation of Liberty Safeguards (UK)
DOLSDynamic Ordinary Least Squares
DOLSDirectory of Laboratory Services
DOLSDomino Off-Line Services (Lotus/IBM)
DOLSDepartment of Labor Secretary (US Department of Labor)
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Since 2001, DOL has strived to integrate its management systems, strengthening and unifying the department along the way.
In addition, DOL implemented a departmentwide five-level rating system to better distinguish varying levels of performance for all sixteen thousand employees.
When I began reading this book, I expected a substantive rethinking by Dols of the Galenic viewpoint on insanity and its integration into the corpus of Islamic medical practice.
Given the diversity of sources Dols perused - in virtually every language relative to scholastic writing in the Middle East from the Hellenistic to the Ottoman periods - as he researched this topic, transliteration of terms was bound to present problems.