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It is projected that constant expansion in domestic credit, largely for unproductive sectors such as housing and personal consumption may put financial sector at higher risk and increase external imbalances.
2007) after applying panel causality test on sample period from 1975 to 2000 tested the impact of financial development on economic growth for 15 selected OECD and 50 selected non OECD countries (total 65 countries) and confirmed that proxies of financial development such as liquid liabilities, domestic credit to private sector and domestic credit provided by the banks to private sector have bidirectional causal relationship with economic growth in these selected countries.
A further drop in oil prices, combined with the subsequent transmission effect on other goods and services, as well as a deterioration of domestic credit conditions, is likely to affect inflation negatively.
Moody's Corporation (NYSE:MCO) acquired full ownership of a provider of domestic credit ratings in Korea, Korea Investors Service (KIS), it revealed on Tuesday.
NYSE: MCO) has acquired full ownership of Korea-based domestic credit ratings provider Korea Investors Service, the company said.
This paper examines the relationship among hi-tech exports, school enrollment (tertiary) and domestic credit to private sector in Bangladesh through co-integration and vector error correction model (VECM) over the period 1989 to 2014.
He said as per World Bank's data for the period 2011-15, domestic credit to private sector in Japan as a percentage of GDP was 187.
Well aligned with the domestic credit cycle, deposits also declined by 2.
Indeed, COF's domestic credit card segment remained profitable throughout the last recession, except for one quarter.
RBI did not specifically address any company in its directive by stated that "it has come to our notice" cases in which domestic credit card transactions avoided the additional verification process by using an overseas payment system.
Indeed, in May the bank recently reported its first uptick in domestic credit card loan growth in almost a year.
Reform and rebalancing will present both opportunities and challenges for domestic credit, as well as the wider emerging markets universe.