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DDTWDon't Drink the Water (slang; Dave Matthews Band song)
DDTWDouble Dual Tandem Wheel (aviation)
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Now we're being told don't go into the water, don't drink the water, don't let your animals drink the water.
In 1994, however, Allen made Bullets Over Broadway and Don't Drink the Water, two near-"early Allen" comedies that are lighter and more comedy-for-comedy's-sake than their predecessors.
DON'T DRINK THE WATER Giardia, Coccidia, and Cryptosporidium, oh my.
There are foot-tappers like Camouflage, the Dick Dale-inspired Working On A Tan and a tale of an alcohol-fuelled trip to Mexico in Don't Drink The Water.
Rowers and canoeists don't have to be too concerned about the high mercury levels because they don't drink the water or spend long periods of time swimming there.
Enjoy your holiday, and make sure you don't drink the water or eat any of that foreign muck.
STONE Gods lived up to their name by hitting the stage like lightning with Don't Drink The Water and sent the packed crowd into a frenzy.
18 Don't Drink The Water starring Stephen Lewis was a spin-off of which sitcom?
Teaching someone to read is setting them free, since by reading they cannot help but encounter ideas: Constitution Avenue, Embarcadero, Don't Drink the Water, Images in the Mirror May be Closer Than You Think.
Don't Drink the Water might sound like an old movie title, but our clean water sources are threatened by development.
If we take the latter approach, tourists in the United States should listen to this advice: it's a nice place to visit--just don't drink the water.
Burn The Witch and Defend Or Die are Sabbath soundalikes, Don't Drink The Water will have you looking for Ian Gillan and You Brought A Knife To A Gunfight recalls early Kiss.