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DONDepartment Of the Navy
DONDead of Night (gaming clans)
DONDouble or Nothing
DONDirector Of Nursing
DONDepartment of Navy
DONDonnerstag (German: Thursday)
DONDetermination of Need (various locations)
DONDepartment of Neighborhoods (various locations)
DONDigital Overlay Network
DONDigital Optical Network
DONDeclaration of Neutrality (Cyber Nations)
DONDescription of Need
DONDelivery Order Number
DONDysbaric Osteonecrosis (biology)
DONDocument Order Number
DONDragons of Norrath (online role-playing game)
DONDe Origin Noble (of Noble Origin; title of address)
DONDelo Osobennogo Nablyudeniya (Russian: special surveillance file; KGB slang)
DONDissolved Organic Nitrogen
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Die Mitgliederversammlung sollte wahrend der Konferenzwoche zweimal zusammenkommen, vielleicht am Dienstag und am Donnerstag.
Emirati driver Basher Mardini has been drafted into the LV Motorsport team and will campaign a Porsche 997 Cup with Claus Donnerstag,Thomas Raldolf, Jannik Larsen and Michael Holden.
One of the most successful was Donnerstag (Thursday), launched by supermarket empire Migros in 1997.
Marner, and her German agent Axel Donnerstag, had been asked to find a potential jumper by a successful syndicate of owners based in Britain, but after she arrived home with Caracciola the prospective buyers decided to pull out of the deal.
Stockhausen notates this vibrato in his opera Donnerstag aus Licht by requesting the singer to "tremble as if you were cold.
It also took courage to defy convention and make the transition from Momente's gospel idiom, drawn from a tradition of resistance to slavery and oppression, a libretto whose narrative remains coherent and intelligible despite the music's multifaceted and nonlinear structure, to the starkly revelatory messages of pure, undigested suffering of Donnerstag (1978-80) and Samstag aus LICHT (Thursday and Saturday from LIGHT), the first two operas to be composed, in which painful scenes of his parents' deaths and the agonies of American war casualties are re-created.
Kielstein JT, Donnerstag F, Gasper S, Menne J, Kielstein A, Martens-Lobenhoffer J, et al.
3) "Der Neue Markt ist ab Donnerstag Geschichte," Handelsblatt (6 June 2003) gives a typical view.
244; Donnerstag, 1996; in a review: Wirth, in press).
System: Es gibt mogliche Termine am Donnerstag, Freitag oder am nachsten (There are possible appointments on Thursday, Friday or on next Montag.
Sonntag = dies Solis (Sol) Montag = dies Lunae (Luna) Dienstag < Thingsus = dies Martis (Marte) Wednesday (en ingles) < Wodan = dies Mercurii (Mercurio) Donnerstag < Donar = dies Iovis (Jupiter) Fria = dies Veneris (Venus)
In exploring the themes of ancient myth and folk traditions used in Donnerstag, the first-composed opera of the Licht cycle (1978-80), Pascal Bruno adopts a hermeneutic approach in an effort to evoke in a subjective way the ephemeral, objectively ungraspable essence of the work.