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DORDepartment Of Revenue
DORDepartment of Roads
DorDoric (linguistics)
DORDate Of Rank
DORDeadly Orgone
DORDay of Rest
DORDelta-Opioid Receptor
DORDate Of Request
DORDrop on Request
DORDouble Rotation (NMR)
DORDivision of Responsibility
DORDead on Road (hepetological specimens found during surveys)
DORDate of Retirement
DORDay of Race
DORData Overrun
DORDaily Observation Report (police training)
DORDiocese of Rumbek
DORDepartment of Residence
DORDigital Optical Recording
DORDirectorate of Oilseeds Research (India)
DORDigital Operating Room
DORDance Oriented Rock
DORDue Upon Receipt
DORDirect Oxide Reduction
DORDeclaration of Readiness to Proceed
DORDescription of Requirements
DORDuration of Response (clinical observation)
DORDestructive Orgone
DORDialogue on Race
DORDaily Outage Report
DORDue-Out Release
DORDischarge on Request
DORDetailed Outage Report
DORDual-Offset Reflector
DORDropped Own Request
DORDiocese of the Resurrection
DORDifferential Oneway Range
DORDate of Ratification (various organizations)
DORDirector of Recruitment (various companies)
DORDegree of Redundancy
DORDirector of Research (various organizations)
DORDepartment of Radiology (various organizations)
DORDimension Ordered Routing (algorithm)
DORDepartment of Rehabilitation (California)
DoRDay of Reckoning
DORDirector of Rehabilitation (various organizations)
DORDesigner of Record
DORDuty Officer's Report
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DOR will provide computers, data storage equipment and network equipment to be installed within facility floor space and rack space that is supplied by the vendor.
As part of the new curriculum, students participated in presentations from DOR staff on Massachusetts state tax law.
25995 has prevented DOR from bringing a child support proceeding on behalf of a parent with whom the child does not primarily reside.
In January, DOR announced that DOR and its collaborators had successfully completed the second development milestone for its ricin vaccine, RiVax(TM), under the Challenge Grant previously awarded to DOR in September 2004 by NIAID, a unit of the National Institutes of Health.
Effective for years after 2001, the Georgia DOR amended Regulation 560-7-7-.
As I join the DOR team in the ongoing development of orBec(R) and the other exciting portfolio compounds, I look forward to applying my experience in drug development to my long-standing commitment to improving the lives of patients with GVHD," stated Brian L.
The DOR also noted, "[t]he rule that the taxable situs of intangibles is at the technical domicile of the owner is but a mere fiction, and will not be followed when the fact is clear that the intangible property has a situs elsewhere" (Wheeling Steel Corp.
Voisin has been advising and assisting DOR with the preparation of the MAA in Europe for orBec(R) (oral beclomethasone dipropionate), to be submitted for the treatment of gastrointestinal Graft-versus-Host disease (GVHD).
Gregg Lapointe, Chief Executive Officer of Sigma-Tau, commented, "As a result of our longstanding relationship with DOR, we have great confidence in the DOR team, in the pharmacology that orBec(R) has already demonstrated, and in the likelihood of orBec(R)'s success in the confirmatory Phase 3 clinical program.
The DOR explains with its amendments that a loss incurred in a tax year in which a corporation is an S corporation may be carried to a tax year in which it is no longer an S corporation (i.
Brey will present a case study on the rational development of a cost effective manufacturing process for the production of RiVax(TM), a ricin vaccine developed by DOR BioPharma's biodefense division.
To encourage voluntary compliance, the DOR announced in Technical Information Release (TIR) 00-13(67) a reduction from seven to three years in the lookback period for most nonfiling taxpayers that voluntarily disclose their noncompliance.