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In addition to addressing the single-versus double-layer debate, this study highlights another important aspect of closure technique: locked versus unlocked first-layer suture closure.
With official subsidy, Ritek pioneered in Taiwan the development of high-level double-layer and triple-layer BD-R discs meeting the BDXL (High Capacity Recordable and Rewritable discs) specifications by introducing advanced primary thickening meristem (PTM) technology.
On requirement of a customer, in the places of double-layer steel bending laminations and cracks should not occur when strength of layer joining and ductility of the base layer are tested.
Since forming fabrics have a greater effect on final paper properties than press or dryer fabrics, design and manufacturing are critical to paper quality and paper machine performance Basic forming fabric designs are single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer.
Supported formats include the new double-layer DVD format, DVD+R DL, which has a 4x write speed; DVD+R and DVD+RW (16x8x8x write, rewrite, and read); DVD-R and DVD-RW (16x6x8x); and CD-R and CD-RW discs (48x24x32x).
Now the latest development in DVD recorders, the double-layer DVD, is available on PCs.
a developer of digital video, image, and DVD software, announces its first shipment of software to support DVD+R double-layer technology.
Electrochemists and engineers describe capacitors based on this design concept as electronic double-layer capacitors.
Redox Engineering will host the "13th International Seminar on Double-layer Capacitors and Similar Energy Storage Devices" December 8 through 10 at the Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach Resort in Deerfield Beach, FL.
I've felt this while wearing dress socks and shoes, white single-layer socks and older running shoes for walking around the house, and even double-layer running socks and new running shoes.
Single-layer and a double-layer light-emitting diodes (LEDs) were fabricated using the polymer as the active layer.
Kellogg's team used a computer model to simulate double-layer convection, which carries heat to the surface.