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DTEData Terminal Equipment
DTEDirection des Temps de l'Enfant (French: Directorate of Children's Time)
DTEDeutsche Telekom AG (German: German Telecom AG)
DTEDown to Earth
DTEDown To Earth (also known as International Campaign for Ecological Justice in Indonesia)
DTEDream the End (New York)
DTEDora the Explorer (cartoon)
DTEDigital Trunk Equipment
DTEDisable Transfer on Error
DTEDynamic Two Sector Encoding
DTEDirectorate of Technical Education (India)
DTEDirectie Toezicht Energie (The Netherlands Office of Energy Regulation)
DTEDetroit Edison Co.
DTEDilatation-Torsion de l'Estomac (French: Dilatation and Torsion of the Stomach)
DTEDevelopment and Test Environment (various locations)
DTEDrive to Excellence
DTEDomain and Type Enforcement
DTEDistance to Empty
DTEDesktop Engineering (UK)
DTEData Transmission Equipment
DTEData Transformation Engine
DTEDumb Terminal Emulator
DTEDisplay Technology Experience (Electrograph Systems)
DTEDepartment of Telecommunications & Energy
DTEDigital Terminal Equipment
DTEDevelopment Through Enterprise (World Resources Institute)
DTEDigital Transmission Equipment
DTEData Transfer Equipment
DTEDouaisis Technopole Environnement (French: Douaisis Technopole Environment)
DTEDrift Team Ennemi (French: Enemy Drift Team)
DTEDetect To Engage
DTEDevelopment Tools Environment (Microsoft Visual Studio)
DTEDevelopment, Test, Evaluation
DTEDigital Terminating Equipment
DTEDevelopmental Test & Evaluation (usually abbreviated as DT&E)
DTEDesktop Test Environment
DTEDigital Telephone Enabler
DTEDial Telephone Exchange
DTEDisaster Temporary Employee (US FEMA)
DTEData Terminal Environment
DTEDynamic Technological Efficiency
DTEDevelopmental Test Equipment
DTEDistrict Teacher Educator (Pakistan)
DTEDischarge Toxicity Evaluation
DTEDigital Training Experiment (US Army)
DTEDepartment of Training and Education
DTEDigital Transversal Equalizer
DTEDesk Top Evaluation
DTEDistance To Endpoint
DTEDiecasting Toolings Engineering (Italy)
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The offer has been extended for Down To Earth to become one of the tenants of the new building, Brabham Jr.
The court directed Narain and Down To Earth to remove the sentence from the magazine's website.
Down to Earth is being funded by The Royal British Legion with support from The National Trust and Lantra.
In order to prevent this issue, proactive owners are now turning to landscape design and installation companies such as Santa Barbara-based Down to Earth Landscapes, Inc.
Down to Earth products are also available at major supermarkets, modern trade outlets and stand alone organic stores across the country.
Down to Earth also looked at soil sequestration and its potential role in off-setting direct emissions from grazing livestock.
Now she tells us she could live in a council house, and is really just a down to earth gal.
There's always two who don't get on (Chanelle and Charley),the disgraced housemate (Emily),the nice but dim hunk (Brian),the older sensible one (Carole),the girls who strip off for the lad's mags (too many to mention) and of course,last but not least,the down to earth Geordie.
Down to Earth Sociology: Introductory Readings (Fourteenth Edition).
com is an abundant resource for all things that signify an ideological movement down the corporate ladder, down the food chain, and down to earth.
Down To Earth is the story of a mysterious coyote who retains supernatural powers as he evades the hunters seeking him.