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References in classic literature ?
Come, saints and sinners, hear me tell How pious priests whip Jack and Nell, And women buy and children sell, And preach all sinners down to hell, And sing of heavenly union.
He shall swim in it, Sam," he said; "he shall float down to hell upon it.
such an enemy Is risen to invade us, who no less Threatens than our expulsion down to Hell.
They tell me he raved about the sea bursting into the church yard, and a drowning sailor floating by on a hen-coop; a sailor who dragged him down to hell by the hair of his head, and such like horrible nonsense, miss.
By the time I'd parked the bike, the driver of the offending car had been whipped, tortured without mercy, and cast down to hell, at least in my fevered mind.
When the dog dies her owner writes in the vet's name and he is dragged down to Hell by a mob of scalpel-wielding dogs, cats and rabbits.
That is, in its exacting, at times seemingly scholastic, disagreements about whether or not Christ's soul literally went down to hell, the controversy reveals the reformers' investment in, as well as uncertainty about, what was necessary or essential to Christ's perfectly efficacious sacrifice.
In a later meeting he told the actor's people he would "hunt down to hell and back" anyone who crossed him.
The passage is "broad, smooth, easy, unoffensive, down to Hell.
The executive immediately found herself in an elevator dropping at high speed straight down to Hell.
Heated in the cauldrons of Caribbean basins reaching down to hell.
Of course, the vitriol poured on a campaign, which has saved so many lives already,might be down to hell having no fury like a driver with points on his licence and pounds out of his wallet.