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With the new federal administration threatening to cut 75% of regulations, including those that protect our wildlife and air and water quality, the move to downlist manatees can only be seen as a political one," Rose said.
We need at least 305 adult and yearling females to be able to downlist and we are up to 275 females now," Stephenson said.
The main goal of the blue whale recovery plan is to get the populations large enough to downlist the whale from endangered to threatened.
In August, USFWS proposed a rule to downlist the straight-horned markhor from "endangered" to "threatened.
If Crawfish Frogs are incorporated into both public and private land management plans, the grasslands in the southern portion of the state are extensive enough to at least double the number of populations, which would enable us to downlist this species from Endangered to Special Concern.
Tom French, assistant director for natural heritage and endangered species, reports that eagles are doing well enough in Massachusetts for the Fisheries and Wildlife Board to vote to downlist them from endangered to threatened status here.
Despite this indisputable empirical evidence, current implementation of the ESA does not provide the flexibility necessary to downlist or delist the species.
In both places, recovery goals in terms of population number have been achieved and proposals are pending to downlist and, ultimately, delist the species.
The regional market for caiman meat is increasing (Da Silveira and Thorbjarnarson 1999) and current evidences of localized recovery are supporting a proposal to downlist M.
The agency is expected to downlist the wolf from endangered to threatened in the Northeast--a move that will provide less protection for individual animals but would grant states and landowners more flexibility in managing wolf populations.
Mr Morely continued "We would also like to voice our concern at Japan's proposal to downlist the Northern Hemisphere stocks of the Minke Whale.
Once the agency publishes a proposal to delist or downlist in the Federal Register, it takes comments from the public, scientists, and federal and state agencies, then makes the final call.