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For two weeks, CITES gave a thumbs up or down on proposal after proposal to either list, uplist or downlist dozens of threatened species that are traded.
382) Another large population is found in Florida's Blackwater State Forest, but further complicating matters is the state's recent proposal to downlist the species from "threatened" to a "species of special concern.
Specifically, Japan seeks to downlist all three whale stock populations from Appendix I to Appendix II, allowing for the commercial hunting of these whales.
hereinafter Babbitt Announces New Policy] (stating that "the Service will make a priority to delist and downlist more than two dozen birds, mammals, fish, and plants").
To downlist the species from endangered to threatened, 12 fully protected, self-sustaining populations must be established and maintained on federal, state, or private land.
342) Moreover, the parties would be extremely reluctant to downlist any leopard population, because downlisting would permit commercial trade, the very trade that necessitated Appendix I protection in the first place.
The recovery plan aims to downlist these species to threatened status through further surveying and research, protecting and managing targeted habitats, creating educational programs, and continually monitoring involved programs.
resist any attempts to downlist any threatened or endangered whale population or reopen international commerce in whale meat.
When we attain this goal, we can downlist the black-footed ferret from "endangered" to the less critical status of "threatened.
Cuba submitted a proposal to downlist what it calls the "Cuban" population of hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) from Appendix I to Appendix II, annotated to allow a limited trade in turtle shell stocks with Japan.
These projects are considered critical to any future attempts to downlist the Gila topminnow.
Even if the Fish and Wildlife Service downlists the eagle to threatened," the Endangered Species Act would still afford it protection.