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DOXDesign of Experiments
DOXDirect Operational Exchange
DOXDaxie Ohio Express (toy truck)
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King Dox of Foxville; the great and wise sovereign who rules over our community.
The winner of the first Dubai Film Connection Award at Dox Box is Lebanese director Elias Mubarak's project My Uncle, The "Terrorist".
Beginning with the fourth edition of DOX BOX this month, the festival will offer an annual $5,000 award and an invitation to the festival to a documentary work in progress selected by the DOX BOX Campus Tamkeen Grants programme.
The company will make the Brainloop Dox application available for download from the Microsoft App Store from September 2014.
This led SGP to revisit the original DOX product first released in 1998.
Fog a Dox is one of those rare, beautifully formed little gems that appeals more to the reflective reader than one who reads for entertainment.
DOX Podiatry leverages the real-time data capture to drive the billing activity that pulls billing codes (ICD and CPT) directly from the physician's work in the EMR component.
BEIRUT: Had things gone as planned, DOX BOX, Syria's international documentary film festival, would have staged its fifth edition in Damascus this past week.
This imbalance allows Dox to spread widely among a population in only a few generations, but the gene's success sets the stage for its own defeat.
From the current study it is evident that Dox impairs the rat tissue energy metabolism as evidenced by depleted levels of rat tissue ATPase and Cytochrome-c-oxidase activities in vivo, since these enzymes are well known key enzymes necessary for maintenance of tissue energy metabolism.