DPHADecorative Plumbing & Hardware Association
DPHADalmuir Park Housing Association (UK)
DPHADepartment of Public and Healthcare Administration (Seton Hall University; South Orange, NJ)
dpHADwellings per Hectare (residential land calculation)
DPHADental Public Health Administration (course; Thailand)
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Furthermore, coatings were prepared by UV-curing of the modified particles together with the crosslinking agent DPHA.
Table 1 Composition of ACM, FKM and 50/50 (w/w) ACM/FKM Blend Containing Polyfunctional Acrylates Composition AFT AFT (w/w) AT30 (70/30/30) AFT30 (30/70/30) FT30 AFT10 AFT40 ACM 100 70 50 30 -- 50 50 FKM -- 30 50 70 100 50 50 HDDA -- -- -- -- -- -- -- TMPTA 30 30 30 30 30 10 40 DPHA -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Composition (w/w) AFH30 AFD30 ACM 50 50 FKM 50 50 HDDA 30 -- TMPTA -- -- DPHA -- 30 Table 2 Power Law Coefficients of Various Blends Measured at Different Temperatures.
Multifunctional monomer DPHA and photoinitiator Darocure 1173 were added directly to the MF[SiO.
2] DPHA (g) 1173 DPHA content in name sol (g) (g) coating (wt%) MO 30.
2] particles, the latter can be cross linked with the multifunctional monomer, DPHA, to form a strong inorganic-organic hybrid network during the UV-curing process.
The modified silica particles were crosslinked with DPHA by UV irradiation to form AG coatings on PET substrates.
Apparently, the haze decreases with increasing DPHA content in the coating.
It appears that the pencil hardness for all prepared samples is higher than 2H, and it increases with increasing DPHA content.
coil O157:H7 strains to the DPHAS laboratory for confirmation.
DPHAS mailed questionnaires to all 139 licensed clinical laboratories in Connecticut; laboratories that did not respond to the mailed questionnaire were contacted by telephone.
coil O157:H7, 21 (72%) reported beginning in response to the DPHAS notification, four (14%) as a result of publicity associated with the E.
coil O157:H7 isolates by laboratories to DPHAS has been required since 1990.