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DRAGADual Rate Adaption Gate Array (Newbridge)
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As owner Draga Kurz explains, her customers wouldn't be interested in second-hand department store clothing that they could easily afford to buy new.
In The Phonology-Syntax Connection, Sharon Inkelas and Draga Zec (eds.
On hand will be the bands Titan Hot Seven with Bob Draga, Cornet Chop Suey, Blue Street, Gator Beat, Pieter Meijers Quartet featuring Cheryl Stephens, Chicago Six, Lily Wilde & Her Jumpin' Jubilee Orchestra, the Good Bait Quintet, Yve Evans & Company and the Oregon Coast Lab Band.
His recent novel, Draga Liv (Dear Liv), is focused on the near past--its timespan covers the second half of the twentieth century beginning with World War II.
I don't understand what it is they adopted - all I really wish is that this all ends as quickly as possible," said Mrs Draga Milosavljevic, a 56-year-old sales woman in a Belgrade grocery store.
Created by artist Draga usanj, this site-specific work made for Ames references its multiple arches and the new life of the building.
Invitation to tender: Procurement Subject Is Building A Kindergarten In Mo cenicka Draga On Cp 652/3 And Cp 652/4 Situated In The Cadastre Dear.
Najvecja tezava sistemov, ki temeljijo na pravilih, je dolgotrajna in draga rocna izdelava slovarjev ter prevajalnih pravil v primeru klasienega pristopa h gradnji prevajalnih sistemov na osnovi pravil.
This forms part of an initiative by Vice Chairperson of the National Art Gallery Board of Trustees, Draga Boskovic to revive the relationship that existed between Namibia and Yugoslavia.
the Neolithic settlement of La Draga at Banyoles, Girona, Spain (Tarrus et al.
13) In 1871 a girl by the name of Draga Ljocic attended lectures at the Faculty of Philosophy for one semester, after which she withdrew and went to Switzerland.
WEBSTER, MA / WILMINGTON, DE Draga "Dot" (Naum) Adams, 77, passed away Saturday, September 27, 2008 in Wilmington, DE.