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Ashghal also carried out its regular preventive measures which include regular cleaning of more than 45,000 rainwater drainage networks and sewerage systems, in addition to cleaning storm water drainage manholes in tunnels prone to water clogging.
Elevation of sanitary drainage manholes & inspection rooms within Asswan City.
Tenders are invited for Improvement of gents and ladies toilet replacement of old drainage pipe in shaft and outer wall cleaning of exiting sewerage and drainage manholes and pipes etc in connection with Annual repair & Maintenance Operation ayurvedic hospital and cghs wc aliganj new delhi
Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) inspected on Saturday (27/2/2010) the rain water drainage manholes in the tunnels (in the 6th circle, 7th circle, Said Khair, Abu Hureira, and Palms Village), to ensure that they are ready for the expected weather conditions on Sunday.
installing new drainage manholes and riprap discharge areas on the lake side of the rock dike protecting the railroad tracks, and re-grading the existing swales between the existing drop inlets to provide positive drainage noted on the contract document.
50 a of clearing; 10 ea of removing of large trees; approx 38,700 cy of common excavation; approx 1,750 cy of rock excavation; approx 180 tn of hot bituminous pavement, machine method; approx 590 sy of cold planning bituminous surfaces; approx 3,170 lf of video inspection; 6 ea of 18" steel end sections; approx 340 lf of 24" pe pipe (type s); 5 u drainage manholes, 4 ft diameter, beam guardrail; approx 3,550 lf of 6" perf.
Old seal in poor condition, kerb extensively broken and old drainage manholes badly cracked.
Tenders are invited for The project includes 740 LF of drainage pipes, 590 LF of bituminous concrete curbing, 7 deep sump catch basins, 4 drainage manholes, 250 LF of retaining wall, replacement of headwall, sidewalks, guard rail, pavement and landscaping.
Work includes construction of a new catch basin, precast concrete diversion structure, 36 reinforced concrete drain pipe, 117,500 gallon underground cast-in-place concrete storage tank, drainage manholes, triplex pump station and controls, valve vault, force main, cleanout manhole, infiltration field, underground cast-in-place concrete electrical vault, new electrical service, electrical and communications handholes, communications conduit and wiring, and integration with the existing BTV SCADA system.