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D.SDrainage Structure (flood protection)
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The ADS FLEXSTORM adjustable design allows it to fit any drainage structure and provide maximum protection while being easy to install and economical.
For this purpose, the underground drainage structure must be firstly designed and then verified as a subirrigation system.
The proposal eliminated the two bridges by recommending the installation of a 450-ft long CONTECH[R] Multi-Plate[R] steel roadway tunnel and a large, steel drainage structure.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Cross Drainage Structure For Crossing Left Bank Canal Of Rengali Irrigation Project (From Baunspal) At Ch-17/354 And Duburi-Brahmanipal Expressway At Ch.
Thus, the inlets are designed to capture the prescribed surface water runoff and connect to large diameter mains for maximum drainage flow, allowing for a larger trunk line without the need to oversize the drainage structure.
Tenders are invited for the scope of work shall involve, but not limited to install/remove a bypass road around the existing structure, remove the existing drainage structure, and install the new drainage structure.
Tenders are invited for works include approx 128 lf 12" pvc pipe sewer; 709 lf pavement marking removal; 75 lf removal of sewer pipe(storm); 444 lf removal of curb and gutter; 2,635 sf removal of concrete sidewalk; 7 ea removal of drainage structure; 424 ld sawing concrete pavement(full depth); 253 cy common excacvation - trail/walk; 20 mgal water; 117 sy mill bituminous surface; 1 ea adjust gate valve; 6 ea construction of drainage structure design spec 1 - minneapolis standard catch basin; 7 ea catch basin with grate type v; 4 ea connect to existing storm sewer structure/pipe; 376 sf truncated domes; 4,489 sf 4" concrete walk; 1 ls traffic control; see outside link.
the work includes, but is not limited to pulverization, excavation, embankment, gravel placement, asphalt paving, drainage structure replacement, drainage structure lining, concrete gutters, erosion control, pavement marking, traffic sign placement, traffic control, seeding and mulching, and other items typically associated with road construction.
replace two drainage structures with type o beehive grates place a two foot concrete apron around the drainage structure cover.