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43) They constitutively migrate to the draining lymph nodes via lymphatics in the steady state.
Local failure was defined as a recurrence of MCC in the same area as the primary site, and regional failure was defined as a recurrence in the draining lymph nodes or in proximity of the primary site.
Prevention of UVB-induced suppression of immune responses by EGCG was also associated with the reduction in immunosuppressive cytokine interleukin (IL)-10 production at UV irradiated skin and draining lymph nodes, whereas IL-12 production was significantly enhanced in draining lymph nodes.
Prompt surgical excision, including a margin of uninvolved skin, followed by a sampling of the draining lymph nodes (sentinel lymph node) for staging, is the initial mainstay of therapy.
Mediastinal lymph nodes, the draining lymph nodes of the lungs, are considered the site where antigen presentation to T cells initially occurs before clonal expansion.
Under normal circumstances, Langerhans' cells enter the lymphatic system and travel to the T-cell areas of the spleen and draining lymph nodes.
Sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNBX) has become an accepted technique for determining whether metastases are present in the first extratumoral echelon of draining lymph nodes in melanoma and breast cancer patients.