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DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DRAMDatabase of Recorded American Music
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory Device
DRAMDemand Response and Advanced Metering
DRAMDrinking Report for Addiction Medicine
DRAMDeep River Ancient Muster (Connecticut)
DRAMDisaggregated Residential Allocation Model
DRAMDigitally Recorded Announcement Machine/Module (PBXs)
DRAMDynamic read-write Random Access Memory
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I was glad I had taken the Dramamine and that I wore a warm, padded, waterproof jacket.
He added: "My sister hates flying with me because I end up doing too much Dramamine or sleeping pills that I mix with booze.
George Dabakis of Springfield, Massachusetts, writes: "At the first feelings of light-headedness, rush for some generic Dramamine (dimenhydrinate) pills.
In fact, one study found that subjects who ingested ginger as opposed to the standard drug Dramamine, experienced a 57% longer effectiveness rate.
That scene, a nightmare vision of a shipwreck in which an outlined boat breaks apart and human limbs bob up and down among the waves, had me wondering if I would soon be needing Dramamine.
Over-the-counter Dramamine works for motion sickness, or your doctor may give you a prescription for Antivert (meclizine).
Twenty years after his stint as a sometimes queasy caretaker of endangered eggs, he no longer needs Dramamine as a dietary supplement.
com may do well to stockpile some Dramamine in anticipation of the roller-coaster ride ahead.
P: Take Dramamine before the trip--especially if you're traveling by bus.
Antimotion drugs such as Dramamine or tranquilizers to decrease anxiety may be prescribed for your dog by your veterinarian.
Core brands include Chloraseptic sore throat treatments, Clear Eyes eye care products, Compound W wart treatments, The Doctor's NightGuard dental protector, The Little Remedies and PediaCare lines of pediatric over-the-counter products, Efferdent denture care products, Luden's throat drops, Dramamine motion sickness treatment, Debrox ear wax remover, Beano digestive aid, Gaviscon antacid in Canada, and BC and Goody's headache powders.
I had a book group do that last week and I was in serious need of Dramamine by the time we were finished.