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DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
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The company claimed the Tahoe DSLAM also establishes new quality of construction standards, with a 3U 19" lightweight rackmountable chassis and compact dimensions making it easy to position.
Agere is a leading provider of traffic management DSLAM solutions.
Lucent's V-16 IP DSLAM uses both symmetric and asymmetric transport modes to allow service providers to deliver Ethernet services to the "first mile"--the part of the communications infrastructure that connects the service provider's central office to a business or residential subscriber.
In our analysis of DSLAMs designed for central office deployments, ECI's Hi-FOCuS 5 platform finished first overall based on its high scores in five key buying criteria categories.
The DSL CPE market is close to achieving double-digit growth in percent of units in an attempt to match the installed base of DSLAM and next gen DLC DSL port deployments.
It's the most efficient remote DSLAM solution we've seen.
Siemens has shipped more than 17,000 hiX series in support of T-Com's nationwide "50 Mbps to 50 cities by 2007" service rollout, which leverages the VDSL2 and GigE-powered Siemens hiX 5620 along with the hiX 5625/5630/5635 DSLAM platforms.
The optional loop access card provides up to 24 additional ports for connection to the DSLAM or DLC.
Network Groomer - optimizes a DSL network by intelligently recommending DSL ports on heavily utilized DSLAMs be swapped to a less utilized DSLAM (equivalent to server load balancing).
Beyond DSLAMs, the versatile Diplomat-IP is also suitable for next-generation digital loop carriers (NG-DLC), broadband access gateways, EPON or GPON OLTs, and other applications.
Ethernet switches were initially considered as a backhaul option, but for a backhaul solution to be effective it must also handle the ATM uplinks that are common on first generation DSLAMs.
The DSLAM market has reached full maturity," said Daryl Schoolar, In-Stat analyst.