DSPCDirect Shell Production Casting
DSPCDirect Strip Production Complex
DSPCDigital Signal Processing and Control (software)
DSPCDelaware State Pistol Club
DSPCDirector Strategic Planning Coordination
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Connected through simple interfaces to the RF/IF unit, audio CODEC, and keypad, DSPC chipsets are optimized for use with DSPC architectures, call processing, data stack and special services software, and reference design.
DSPC is particularly strong in the Japanese market, working with customers such as NTT Mobile Communications Network Inc and Sanyo Corp.
The DSPC molding shells can include several cavities, allowing more than one copy of a part to be made at a time.
The DSPC equipment consists of a shell design unit and a shell production unit.
DSPC produces a ceramic shell that is similar to the shell produced by investment casting, but eliminates the need for tooling, wax and shell dipping.
With DSPC, according to Uziel, "ceramic shells are automatically fabricated directly from a CAD file of the desired part.
It forms, organizes and finances biopower and biofuel development stage public companies ("DSPC(s)"), and plans to grow the DSPCs both internally and externally.
Used with DSPC, this new technique produces a shell directly from a CAD file.
It seeks to expand the commercial business of the DSPC through the integration of one or more qualified emerging growth companies.
DSPC reportedly allows users to produce ceramic molds for metal parts directly from computer-aided design (CAD) models created on a computer screen.
Prior to Intel, he founded CTP Systems, a satellite and wireless systems company that merged with DSPC (NASDAQ: DSPC) and was then acquired by Intel in one of the largest cash acquisitions in Intel's history.
The company merged with DSPC and Arditi was appointed general manager and chief operating officer of DSPC.