DSTARDigital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio
DSTARDistribution Systems Testing, Application, and Research
DSTARDeployable System for Training and Readiness (Cubic Corp.)
DSTARDigital System Technical Architecture Research
DSTARDigital Strategic Technology Advanced Research (no longer in use; Digital Equipment Corporation)
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For ground combat, DSTAR relies on the MILES system (multiple integrated laser engagement system) which allows troops to use the weapons they would use in actual combat, but they shoot laser beams rather than live ammunition.
With DSTAR, said Fisch, "You can actually see the air targets on both displays, and ground targets on both displays.
ICOM, DSTAR repeater gateway software, manufacturer part number RS-RP2-G2.
ICOM, DSTAR dual band transceiver, manufacturer part number ID-880H.
DSTAR has supported the Ranger Training Brigade's Land Navigation courses at Fort Benning since 2003; however, this is the first time that the system was incorporated into the Best Ranger Competition.
The DSTAR system has served as a valuable risk reduction measure for land navigation training and has prevented numerous serious injuries -- perhaps even deaths -- by facilitating the timely recovery of many lost soldiers, according to senior Fort Benning officials.
Designed for homestation training or to augment pre-Combat Training Center exercises, DSTAR is readily deployable abroad for in-situ training and tracking of National Guard units.
Cubic's Lee Legowik said a DSTAR variant has been selected to meet the U.
Dinkel noted that flexibility is a key feature of the DSTAR system as it can be adapted to support force-on-force instrumented training, mission rehearsal, tactical operations command and control, emergency preparedness and response.
DSTAR was also deployed for the amphibious exercises held at Camp Pendleton, Calif.
The development of DSTAR is representative of Cubic's broader effort to build deployable training products for air and ground combat training -- particularly smaller, transportable systems for Home Station Training of any mission or unit.
The system incorporates commercial off-the-shelf products, which allow military forces to easily upgrade and customize DSTAR systems.