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DSTLDefence Science Technology Laboratory (UK government, part of the MoD, formally DERA)
DSTLDistributed-Source Transmission Line (electricity)
DSTLDomain-Specific Test Language
DSTLDeep Soft-Tissue Leiomyoma
DSTLDefence Scientific and Technical Laboratories (UK)
DSTLDeputy Security Team Leader (various companies)
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A military version of the HemoSep project was also funded by Dstl.
Although studies at NBACC showed complete inactivation of EBOV/Mak in dried blood by 5% peracetic acid, complementary studies at DSTL showed that use of a lower concentration (0.
He added that DSTL uses less than half of 1% of the animals used in experiments in the UK.
But for the last decade or more this has been the headquarters of DSTL, as a whole, and what happens here now is a much broader range of activities around areas such as cyber terrorism, electronic warfare and explosives.
Kennametal, which owns the plant, has a seven-year contract with DSTL to develop ceramic armour.
AkzoNobel and DSTL tackled the challenge of developing such an absorbent coating.
The UK-based company will exclusively market and distribute the products globally, paying undisclosed royalty fees on sales to Dstl.
The Militarily Critical Technologies Program's process for updating the MCTL and DSTL has generated lists that are of questionable value.
Mounted on a DSTL Britten-Norman Islander aircraft, the MicroSAR Airborne Demonstrator was tested in the UK at altitudes between 3,000 and 7,000 feet.
Dstl houses the largest number of scientists and engineers now in public service, more than 3, 000.
Scientists at Dstl previously demonstrated the efficacy of Lipoquin compared to oral ciprofloxacin against Francisella tularensis (the causative agent of tularemia) infection using the highly virulent SCHU S4 strain: a single dose of aerosolized Lipoquin provided full protection against lethal exposure in a murine model of F.
Contract: The ministry of defence (mod), via the dstl defence and security analysis (dsa) division, is seeking to appoint a prime contractor to lead, manage and deliver research into human capabilities.