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DSDead Space
DSDigital Spy (website)
DSDirect Sequence
DSDual Screen (Nintendo gaming console)
DSDon't Suck (gaming)
DSData Squad (gaming)
DSDiscover (credit card)
DSDeep Space
DSData Set
DSDungeon Siege (video game)
DSDancing Stage (arcade game)
DSDeath Star (Star Wars)
DSData Sheet
DSDark Side (gaming; Star Wars)
DSData Source
DSData Storage
DSDirectory Services (ISO)
DSData Server
DSData Structure
DSData Services
DSDigital Signal
DSDisney Studios
DSDown's Syndrome
DSData Security
DSDecision Support
DSDatabase Server
DSDouble Sided
DSData Segment
DSDistributed Systems
DSDrop Ship
DSDouble Strength
DSDirect Support
DSDragon Slayer
DSDistribution System
DSData System
DSDouble Stranded
DSDetection System
DSDark Shadows (TV soap opera)
DSDispute Settlement
DSDead Sea
DSDark Soul (Mega Man Battle Network 4)
DSDiplomatic Security
DSDistribution Services (SNA)
DSDollar Store
DSDigital Stream
DSDaylight Savings
DSDelta Squad (game, Star Wars)
DSDansk Sejlunion (Danish Sailing Association)
DSDemocratici Di Sinistra (Italian political party, left wing)
DSDigital Services
DSDefense System
DSDate Stamp
DSDansk Standard
DSDining Services
DSDown Stream
DSData Space
DSDue South
DSData Synchronization
DSDistributed Software
DSDeep Sleep (Logan's Run novel)
DSDiesel Sweeties (comic strip)
DSData Switch
DSDepression Screening
DSDiscovery Science (International Conference)
DSDeadstock (brand new)
DSDil Se (Hindi movie)
DSDry Season
DSDavid Schwimmer (actor)
DSDigital Switch
DSDebt Service
DSDynamic System
DSDigital Sign
DSDocumentation Set
DSData Strobe
DSDocking System
DSDisconnect Switch (electronics)
DSDocument Storage
DSDomain Server
DSDetective Sergeant
DSDean of Students
DSData Send
DSDelivery Schedule
DSDrill Sergeant
DSDay Surgery (medical)
DSDemokratska Stranka (Serbian: Democratic Party; political party created in Serbia in 1989)
DSDouble Spaced
DSDear Son
DSData Speed
DSDel Shannon (music artist)
DSDana Scully (X-Files character)
DSDeputy Sheriff
DSDeath Squad
DSDoctoral Student (various locations)
DSDisc Storage
DSDouble Strike (printers)
DSDeion Sanders (NFL player)
DSDermatan Sulfate
DSDrive Select (hard drive jumper)
DSDarling Son
DSDefense Support
DSDegree of Substitution
DSDiplôme Supérieur (French: Advanced Diploma)
DSDefense Science
DSDrive Single
DSDetailed Scheduling
DSDestination Specialist
DSData Switching
DSDistributed Services
DSDesign Statement
DSDrive Side
DSDomenico Scarlatti (classical composer)
DSDistrict Sales
DSDeutsche Stimme
DSDoctor of Science
DSDesert Shield/Storm
DSDeveloper System (Nintendo)
DSDirected Studies
DSDeathScythe (Gundam game)
DSDaniel Snyder (Washington Redskins owner)
DSDominance and Submission
DSDays Supply (prescription)
DSDoctoral Symposium
DSDirectionally Solidified (metallurgy)
DSDevil Square (gaming)
DSDuststorm (METAR weather)
DSDispersion Shifted (optical fiber)
DSDynamic Soaring
DSDisconnect Supervision (telecommunications)
DSDocument Specification
DSDuty Status
DSDamage Shield (Everquest)
DSDry Solid
DSDivision of Safety (Office of Research Services; US NIH)
DSDown Stage
DSDeep Strike
DSDal Segno (Latin: From the Sign)
DSData Scanning
DSDetail Specification
DSDental Squadron
DSData Standardization
DSData Separation
DSDirecting Staff
DSDoppler Spectrum
DSDefine Storage (assembly language directive)
DSDark Steel (gaming)
DSDrive Spring
DSDrill String
DSDirection Scientifique (French: Research Office; various locations)
DSDisney Software
DSDeclined to State
DSDouble Strafe (gaming, Ragnarok Online)
DSDirector of Staff (US Air Force)
DSDirectory Sort (Norton Utilities)
DSDirection de la Santé (French, Sengal)
DSDetached Service
DSDatabase Specification
DSDejerine-Sottas Disease
DSDepartmental Services
DSDark Signs (computer game)
DSDecision State
DSDefense Suppression
DSDescent Stage
DSDesign Stability
DSDip Soldering
DSDam Safety Program (Virginia)
DSDouble-Struck (bullets)
DSDragonspeak (Furcadia script language)
DSDrum Switch
DSDeath Shroud (Shadowbane gaming)
DSDrunken Soldiers
dsDecisecond (one tenth of a second)
DSDragonswords (online game)
DSDaily Scrum (Scrum project status meeting)
DSDigital Subsystem
DSDirect Solder (semiconductor process)
DSDesetnik (Croatian navy rank, petty officer 2nd class)
DSDragonscape (computer game)
DSDangerous Slide (ground condition)
DSDry Slot (meteorology)
DSDisconnect Status
DSDetroit Summer
dsDried Solids
DSDichotomous Sampler
DSDecision Sheet
DSDrop Siding
DSDiamond Shadow (game development company)
DSDetached Solutions (software developer for Texas Instrument graphing calculators)
DSDefenders of Sovereignty (gaming clan)
DSDanmarks Sportsdanserforbund (Denmark)
DSDark Slayers (Runescape gaming clan)
DSDanish Standards Bureau
DSDecontaminating Solution
DSDrawing Summary
DSDigital Screensaver (webcomic)
DSDerivative Superposition
DSDoctor of Surgery
DSDesign Studios, LLC.
DSDissident Saint (band)
DSDeclared Site
DSDwell Sounding
DSdoctrine sponsor (US DoD)
DSDark Starlings (online community)
DSDirectorate for Information Systems and Services (DIA) (US DoD)
DSDodecyl Sulfate Anion (negatively-charged surfactant ion; also seen as DS-)
DSDiodes for Suppression
DSSinking drift
DSDecoy Signature
DSDevelopment Support/Specification
DSDeutschesprachige Shareware
DSDelivery Seperation
DS(USN Rating) Data-Systems Technician
DSDisorganization, Mouse
DSDigitization Stage
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MULTAN -- Urbanization, prolonged winter, fog, intense duststorms and rains are the main causes of low yield of mangoes this year, says former president Mangoes Growers Association, Muzaffar Khakwani.
According to MEPCO spokesperson Jamshed Niazi, about 200 feeders were affected due to heavy duststorm last night while the feeders were made functional early morning and electricity supply has been restored to various places after replacing the broken electric poles and transformers affected with duststorm last evening.
ORISSA chief minister Naveen Patnaik had a miraculous escape when a duststorm hit his party's youth wing convention in Cuttack.
LAHORE -- Mainly hot and dry weather is expected in most parts of the country, however, rain-thundershower with duststorm is expected in the provincial capital during next 24 hours.
By: OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE, May 7 (North Frontier Star): Duststorm and rain hit the provincial capital on late Friday night, which further turned the weather pleasant and slowed down the heat of summer.
He also informed that light showers with duststorm are expected in Upper Punjab (Lahore, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi divisions) during next three or four days which would continue for two days.
However, the westerly weather system affecting upper parts of the country is likely to persist during next 24-36 hours and cause duststorm or dust raising winds at isolated places in north-eastern and central parts of Punjab at Saturday night.
ISLAMABAD, April 17, 2011 (Balochistan Times): A western disturbance affecting upper and central parts of the country is likely to persist for next two to three days and cause rain with duststorm with gusty wind in most parts of the country.
By ISLAMABAD, March 19, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Pakistan Meteorological Department on Friday forecast duststorm and isolated rain for upper Punjab, upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan during next 24 hours.
Terming the recent rain spell damaging for standing wheat crops, he added that the spell initially proved bad for crops due to strong winds coupled with duststorm, however after first day strong winds stopped thus saving the crops from further damage.
5") that helps convey the awesome power of the storms, twisters, waterspouts, clouds, duststorms, and other weather phenomenon captured in the photos produced here in full-page plates, this volume contains lots of facts and information about weather phenomenon and events.