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DUDiplôme d'Université (French: University Diploma)
DUDanske Universiteter (Copenhagen, Denmark)
DUDaugavpils Universitate (Latvia)
DUDangerous, Undetected Failure
DUDistance Uniform (signal or signal set)
DUDiagnosis Undetermined
DUDerivative with respect to the variable U
DUDuplicator Unit
DUDiscardable Unit (logistic analyses)
DUDependable Undertaking
DUDobson Units
DUDeyrnas Unedig (Welsh: United Kingdom)
DUDelivery Unit
DUDisk Utility
DUDrury University
DUDigital University
DUDoctor of the University
DUDetailed Understanding
DUWidespread Dust (METAR obscuration)
DUDocumento Unico
DUDrew University
DUUniversity of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
DUDevelopment Unit
DUDhaka University
DUDictionary of the Underworld
DUDigital Unit
DUDisk Usage
DUDisplay Unit
DUDistribution Unit
DUDobson Unit(s)
DUDocumentation Unit
DUDog Unit
DUDrexel University
DUDucks Unlimited
DUDuke University
DUDuodenal Ulcer
DUDuquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
DUUniversity of Denver
DUDesktop Underwriter (loans and mortgages tool)
DUDemocratic Underground (website)
DUDavenport University
DUDiscounted Utility
DUDillard University (New Orleans, LA)
DUDecision Unit
DUDrake University (Des Moines, Iowa)
DUDual Use (Army National Guard)
DUDubrovnik, Croatia (license plate)
DUDominican University
DUDisk Used
DUDaily Universe (college newspaper at BYU)
DUData Unit
DUDelhi University
DUDelta Upsilon (fraternity)
DUDenison University
DUDenver University
DUDepleted Uranium
References in classic literature ?
We picked up some more English sailors here after this, and some Dutch, and now we resolved on a second voyage to the south-east for cloves, &c.
That Dutch bottle, scoundrel, contained the latest will of the many wills made by my unhappy self-tormenting father.
We stayed, however, in this place from the latter end of July to the beginning of September, when having provided ourselves with other vessels, we set out for Cochim, and landed there after a very hazardous and difficult passage, made so partly by the currents and storms which separated us from each other, and partly by continual apprehensions of the English and Dutch, who were cruising for us in the Indian seas.
From the listless repose of the place, and the peculiar character of its inhabitants, who are descendants from the original Dutch settlers, this sequestered glen has long been known by the name of SLEEPY HOLLOW, and its rustic lads are called the Sleepy Hollow Boys throughout all the neighboring country.
had long been the enemy of the Dutch, who insulted or ridiculed him to their hearts' content, although it must be said that they generally used French refugees for the mouthpiece of their spite.
Archer and her son and daughter, like every one else in New York, knew who these privileged beings were: the Dagonets of Washington Square, who came of an old English county family allied with the Pitts and Foxes; the Lannings, who had intermarried with the descendants of Count de Grasse, and the van der Luydens, direct descendants of the first Dutch governor of Manhattan, and related by pre-revolutionary marriages to several members of the French and British aristocracy.
Because the king will be beaten by sea if he has not the English with him, and that when beaten by sea, he will soon be invaded, either by the Dutch in his ports, or by the Spaniards by land.
There are two family oracles, one or other of which Dutch housewives consult in all cases of great doubt and perplexity,--the dominie and the doctor.
The largest of the two pirate ships was commanded by a Japanese captain, who spoke a little Dutch, but very imperfectly.
I made off with this little booty to Ipswich, and from thence to Harwich, where I went into an inn, as if I had newly arrived from Holland, not doubting but I should make some purchase among the foreigners that came on shore there; but I found them generally empty of things of value, except what was in their portmanteaux and Dutch hampers, which were generally guarded by footmen; however, I fairly got one of their portmanteaux one evening out of the chamber where the gentleman lay, the footman being fast asleep on the bed, and I suppose very drunk.
The rush of expectant men out of the forecastle, the snatching of hand-spikes, the tramp of feet, the clink of the pawls, make a stirring accompaniment to a plaintive up-anchor song with a roaring chorus; and this burst of noisy activity from a whole ship's crew seems like a voiceful awakening of the ship herself, till then, in the picturesque phrase of Dutch seamen, "lying asleep upon her iron.
We were separated by a storm in the latitude of 73, insomuch that only the ship which I was in, with a Dutch and French vessel, got safe into a creek of Nova Zembla.