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DEDDepartment of Economic Development
DEDDeutscher Entwicklungsdienst (German: German Development Service)
DEDData Element Dictionary
DEDDepartment of Education
DEDDisability Equality Duty (UK)
DEDDeath Effector Domain (cell apoptosis)
DEDDigital Elevation Data
DEDDisplay Oriented Editor
DEDData Entry Dial
DEDDialog Editor
DEDDecrypt Encrypt Decrypt
DEDDigital Error Detector
DEDDigital Element Definition
DEDDoublebit Error Detection
DEDData Export Descriptor
DEDDutch Elm Disease
DEDDrug Enforcement Department (various locations)
DEDDog Eat Dog (band)
DEDDeferred Enforced Departure (US DHS)
DEDDistrict Education Department (various locations)
DEDDivision des Etudes Doctorales (French: Doctoral Studies Division)
DEDDistrict Electoral Division
DEDDoctor of Education
DEDDeputy Executive Director
DEDDiesel Engine Driven
DEDDeliverable Expectation Document (various organizations)
DEDDevelopment Engineering Division (various locations)
DEDDark Emitting Diode :-)
DEDDiploma in Education
DEDDépannage Entretien a Domicile (French: Home Maintenance Troubleshooting)
DEDDetail Engineering Design (various organizations)
DEDDouble Error Detection
DEDDesign Engineering Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
DEDDragging Equipment Detector (railroad defects)
DEDData Entry Display
DEDDécoupage Emboutissage du Dauphiné (French: Cutting Stamping Dauphine)
DEDDistribution Équipement Dépannage (French: Distribution Equipment Troubleshooting)
DEDData Element Definition
DEDDisability Evaluation Division
DEDDraft Environmental Document
DEDData Element Description
DEDDust Eater Dogs (band)
DEDData Edits
DEDDirective Enforcement Department (gaming; Eve-Online)
DEDDoctor of Economic Development (professional degree; New Mexico State University)
DEDDoomsday Engine Definitions (gaming)
DEDData Extraction Device
DEDDirt Every Day (off road driving)
DEDDocument Effective Date
DEDDemonstration Execution Document (military new equipment/service)
DEDDefense Energy Department
DEDDIS End of Day
DEDDesign Engineering Difficulty
DEDDefect Equipment Detector (railroad)
DEDDamage Engineering Disposition (US Navy)
DEDDynamic Entity Database
DEDDesign Evaluation Database (BMT Defence Services)
DEDDouble-Entry-Draft (writing format)
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Trained by Casey Trees as a citizen forester, Chestnut has been replanting American elms like the ones he recalls cooling and shading his neighborhood prior to the Dutch elm disease epidemic.
The trees we propagated are all still in full leaf, even though there is Dutch elm disease in the hedges two or three metres away.
It might be possible in a laboratory but at considerable expense, and there is no way to protect cuttings from Dutch elm disease.
A swift-moving disease threatens California's signature tree, among others--and raises the specter of Dutch elm disease and chestnut blight.
Also, it has managed to withstand the deadly Dutch elm disease that killed its neighbors, also planted in the 1930s, says James L.
The recent falls have come after major declines in the 1970s as a result of Dutch Elm disease, as the species' caterpillars feed on the elm tree.
com/science/Dutch-elm-disease) Dutch elm disease , a fungus that was eating into the food supply for the species' caterpillars.
Winter pruning also avoids attracting elm bark beetles, which can spread Dutch elm disease.
The trees will be exposed to Dutch elm disease in the coming months and, based on their response, may well produce the next generation of American elm seedlings returned to the landscape.
The pair have avoided Dutch Elm Disease thanks to stringent measures adopted by council chiefs in East Sussex.
Throughout those centuries, it has withstood bouts of Dutch elm disease and poundings from brutal storms like 2012's Hurricane Sandy.
Contract Awarded for Provincial Parks Dutch Elm Disease Program 2016
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