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DZODurazno Airport (Uruguay)
DZODendermondse Zwemvereniging Olympos (Dutch; Belgian swimming club)
DZODuaal Zorgsector Overleg (Dutch: Healthcare Discussion Dual)
DZODrop Zone Officer
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Arastirma kapsamina alinan ogrencilerin yaslari, bulunduklari sinif, babalarinin egitim duzeyi, kacinci cocuk olduklari, en uzun sure yasadiklari yer ve anne baba tutumu ile DZO ve alt olcekler arasinda anlamli fark bulunmadi (p>0.
A dzo plows a field far more slowly than a tractor, but in Ladakh work is not simply something to expedite; it is an occasion for the gathering of kith and kin.
Arastirmaya katilan yoneticilerin DZO ile Etik Ilkeler Olcegi puan ortalamalari arasindaki iliskiyi incelemek amaciyla yapilan istatistiksel analizde, bashekim grubunda her iki olcek arasinda iliski saptanmazken (p>0.
For example, when a bull is mated with a dri (female yak) to produce a dzo, or when a donkey is mated with a mare to produce a mule, often the mother will die without giving birth.
Guests are Undermind & KI, Mackdub, DZO, the Kid Espi, Lomo & Asol and BreakDown Dance Company.
The Tibetan language even has terms for animals of varying degrees of each: a dzo is exactly 50% taurine and 50% yak, for instance.
The farm's animals, including a pair of water buffalo, a yak, a dzo, alpacas, llamas and traditional farm animals, will be on display.
2 mmol/L trimethylsilyl-2,2,3,3-tetradeuteropropionic acid (TSP, sodium salt; Merck) DZO solution was added to 500 [micro]L of the urine, and 20 [micro]L of the TSP solution was added to 500 [micro]L of the serum.
The title page gives two titles, the Yab sras mjal ba and the Chos tie lo tstsha ba'i rnam thar grub thob mitra dzo ki dang mjal ba'i?
DZO, now rebranded as Russell Bedford DZO, is a multi-discipline professional services group which was launched in January 2011 by a team leaving one of the second-tier accounting firms.
However the influence exercised by Bran ston mTha' bral, an older contemporary of Mi tra dzo gi (in Tibet 1198-1199) and Khro phu lo tsa ba Byams pa dpal (1173-1225), on Man lung pa ripening the thought of going to India should not be underestimated.