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DZODendermondse Zwemvereniging Olympos (Dutch; Belgian swimming club)
DZODuaal Zorgsector Overleg (Dutch: Healthcare Discussion Dual)
DZODrop Zone Officer
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wells and one horizontal re-entry well on the DZO unit during 1998.
Irani, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Occidental, said, "The DZO Unit fits Occidental's strategy to acquire major interests in properties that have the potential for a significant increase in both oil production and reserves.
second annual show sponsored by MeCha, LCC's Latino student group, features low riders, hot rods, bikes and imports; free; event includes food, vendors and live entertainment by local artists DZO, Michael K & Reese, Metric, Lili Parra, El Gallardo, Jim Garcia, Danza Azteca, Allure Dance Team and emcee DJ Azteca; hop contest featuring $1,500 in prizes; raffle; 541-206-3046.
Philanthropy is as important today as ever," said Peter Drury, president of AFP-Washington Chapter and founder of nonprofit organization management company DZO Strategists LLC.
7% in PetroMonagas SA, which produces high viscosity crude, 40% in Petroperija SA, which operates the DZO field, and 26.
The DZO informed the participants that the technical MORA Scholarship policy was introduced by the Federal Ministry of Religious Affairs to provide financial assistance to the poor cum- meritorious students getting technical training in different technical institutions to acquire the skills and become able to earn a livelihood for their families.
The farm's animals, including a pair of water buffalo, a yak, a dzo, alpacas, and llamas, will be on display.
Banks are outsourcing their data warehouse and transmission [for example]," said Hesham Amiri, the director of sales at DZO.
Samples were prepared in well plates with each well containing 100 [micro]L of plasma, 350 [micro]L of 9 g/L NaCl in HZO, and 50 [micro]L of DZO to provide a deuterium field/ frequency lock.
Yak and dzo are used for ploughing, and donkeys are used as draught animals.
a) the estimated or anticipated output from such Company assets as the Britannia Field, the Boqueron Unit, and the DZO unit, and the impact of their significant new production and reserve increases on the operating cash flow, earnings or share price of Union Texas;