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E-1First Enlisted Rank (US DoD)
E-1Enlisted, Grade 1 [also -2 through -9]
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The ISX 5312 E-1 and ISX 5314 E-1 multiplexers are competitively priced and available now in the U.
As E-1's apparent subscriber base has grown, so has its bandwidth requirements, so much so that the podcast now seems to receive one to four terabytes of downloads per month," said David Malan, Instructor at the Harvard Extension School and of the E-1 course.
Playfair is progressing towards an early drill test of the E-1 anomalies.
The company has announced it is providing E-1 transport between major cable landings and strategic Points of Presence in Miami, facilitating inbound traffic from international gateways.
The excess interest payments that are allocated to class E of the RTC transaction are allocated pro-rata to the class E-1 and E-2 of the Lehman 1996-1 transaction.
Each card operates independently, monitoring the T-1 or E-1 circuits and determining the best path, based on user supplied parameters.
OTC BB:HVSF) a Nevada corporation announced today that it will soon unveil its new proprietary treatment for female sexual dysfunction which utilizes the company's patented formula of lyophilized liposomal Prostaglandin E-1 ("LLPGE1").
is a biopharmaceutical company that develops, markets and distributes products relating to liposomal delivery of Prostaglandin E-1 for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction and impotency.
The class E, rated 'BB' by Fitch, in the RTC 94-C1 transaction was split into two classes, E-1 and E-2.