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E-CASHElectronic Cash
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In most cases, e-cash is the liability of the issuer.
Mobile payment and keitai credit Keitai credit - development and trends Graphical map of Japan's mobile payment and keitai credit sector e-cash (prepaid) Keitai credit (postpaid) What is SUICA and why.
For those without a PC at home - an estimated 56 percent in early 1996 - getting onto the Internet to use e-cash or e-checks will require an outlay of about $1,500 to $2,000.
Those companies are emboldened by the fact that E-Cash is being used 5,000 times a week now.
The e-cash card is a new sort of payment case available from QNB, which can be topped up and used to pay for government services.
Mercy Corps has created a comprehensive guide for aid organizations looking to implement e-cash relief programs, including a decision tree to help select a cash transfer mechanism.
The electronic chip-based pre-paid card branded as e-Cash is primarily designed for large fee-based transactions at government establishments in Oman.
The bank has said that the new branch will provide a full range of products and services, including account opening services, currency exchange, fixed deposits, e-cash cards, debit cards and credit cards, as well as personal, vehicle, and mortgage loans.
Ukash's prepaid e-cash vouchers provide customers with peace of mind, eliminating the threat of fraud and allowing the customer to pay without the need to reveal sensitive financial details.
The loyalty cards excepted at the Enoc stations are Select cards, Select plus, Cash plus and E-cash.
com customer support services, e-cash management and business service support, together with its gaming software designed for the Scandinavian market.
In addition to a broad product portfolio of more than 100 casino games, bingo and multi-player poker, the company offers integrated e-cash management and customer care services in multi-currencies and multi-languages for a total online gaming solution.