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E-FITElectronic Facial Identification Technique
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Dr Kemp said: "Police find e-fits invaluable in their work and we are simply assisting in providing as accurate an image as possible.
Marsden, who used a gun and a knife to overpower his victims, is a prime example of how e-fits can work.
E-fits of muggers and murderers released by police have played a major role in helping track down and convict criminals, but who's the person who puts them together and how to they do it?
But research has shown that that might not be the best person and now we are able to do several e-fits and show them all.
E-fits have replaced the old technique of photofits such as those used in the Yorkshire Ripper case before he was arrested in 1981.
The difficulty with e-fits is that you can never gauge how good your witnesses are, says Sgt Work.
So, how useful are e-fits to police investigations in this age of advancing DNA and CCTV?