E-IMETExpanded International Military Education and Training
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E-IMET was to focus on teaching professional level management skills, improving the efficacy of military and judicial systems, and strengthening military codes of conduct.
Timing is a key element; and the promotion of E-IMET benefited from events of the day, which helped it gain even more support in the Legislative and Executive branches of the U.
The E-IMET initiative is accomplished through educational programs in the United States offered by DOD and U.
Beginning in FY1991, DOD launched E-IMET by refining some existing programs and initiating new courses through the military departments.
Team members have served as faculty members and support officers for E-IMET courses and the EUCOM Training Program Management Review; they also have participated in four major total-force and triservice exercises, including MEDFlag and Medical Central and Eastern Europe (MEDCEUR).
Unlike the E-IMET stateside classroom lectures, this operation has involved at least thirty-six exercises with fully armed U.
Its focus would be similar to that of the E-IMET program, but with courses for key military and civil leaders with responsibilities for defense matters.
The traditional goal, intact but evolving with the post-Cold War period, has been supplemented with the E-IMET scheme.
worked with each of the services to find programs that could take the concept of E-IMET from drawing board to implementation.
Lee, the Defense Resource Management Institute, and courses taught at other schools that offer E-IMET training.
Through the ingenuity and dedication of the original staff, DIILS launched a training program that now is the world's largest provider of E-IMET, conducting 451 programs for 13,688 participants in 75 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe.
Today, DIILS is the largest provider of E-IMET training, having taught nearly 14,000 students in 75 countries.