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E-MTAembedded multimedia terminal adapter
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This new SMC EZ Connect E-MTA is certified for interoperability with PacketCable and DOCSIS cable networks, and with other CableLabs Certified devices to deliver data as well as multimedia services.
Leading cable operators across the country have already deployed MetaSwitch-based voice services with ARRIS Touchstone[R] E-MTAs as a means to deliver high quality VoIP services.
ARRIS is honored to continue being a trusted provider to NCTC and to have been singled out in the E-MTA category as an exclusive provider.
a data and voice solutions provider in Provisioning and Network Management Software for broadband cable networks, has introduced CyberMode 9100 Cable Modem E-MTA that provides voice and data over HFC for the cable market.
Taiwanese E-MTA Shipment Volume by Customer Portfolio, 1Q 2008 - 2Q 2010
The battery backed-up version of the Touchstone Telephony Modem, TM 402 will feature the smallest package size of any E-MTA while providing the longest battery back-up capability (over 8 hours).
We are extremely pleased that ARRIS has chosen the BCM3382 cable modem E-MTA System-on-a Chip (SOC) to expand its 8D X 4U E-MTA product portfolio and that ARRIS is the first to receive Cable Europe Labs EuroDOCSIS 3.
The Touchstone TM 402P is the first E-MTA to integrate Lithium-Ion battery back-up capability into the base unit which enables up to 20 hours of standby time in the event of a power outage.
This milestone of 50 million voice lines shipped into the ARRIS E-MTA cable modem is a testament to Zarlink market leadership within the voice-enabled cable market," said Kirk Mandy, president and CEO, Zarlink Semiconductor.
The site offers staple products, as well as application-specific equipment, including replacement batteries for ARRIS Touchstone E-MTA telephony modems.
0 CPE including, the TG862 Wireless Gateway, the TM822 E-MTA, the TM804 four-line E-MTA, and the CM820 cable modem.