E1AEarly Region 1a
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The E1A is especially adept at identifying challenging contaminants such as light-colored wood in potatoes, cardboard in carrots, cigarette butts in mushrooms and colored plastic in vegetable mixes.
The human papillomavirus type 16 E7 gene encodes transactivation and transformation functions similar to those of adenovirus E1A.
Southwest will be operating from gates E1A and E1B in Terminal E at Logan.
Triple-targeted oncolytic adenoviruses featuring the cox2 promoter, E1A transcomplementation, and serotype chimerism for enhanced selectivity for ovarian cancer cells.
Equipment (E-1) Communication E1A Loss of electrical High / High 49 devices.
Department of Civil Engineering, National University of Singapore, Block E1A, #07-03, No.
a)Beginning with data for January 2001, E1A is reducing the reported
coli with these cDNAs will be performed to see if the bacteria cell phenotype will be affected, cDNA fragments used for this experiment were E1A, E1C (Experimental), C1A and C1D (Control).
Targeted Genetics Corporation (Seattle, WA; 206-521-7823) announced the issuance of an additional patent related to its E1A gene therapy program for the treatment of cancer.
The first prototype, code-named E1A, which first ran in 1957, had bodywork constructed in aluminium, with a central hull, deep side sills and a forward frame for the engine constructed in magnesium.
of Biology Moncton, New Brunswick Canada E1A 3E9 Gord Eason Ontario Min.
They had previously used the E1A gene to treat mice with ovarian cancer.