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E2RE2-Responsive (biochemistry)
E2RECH 2 Receive
E2REstradiol Receptor
E2REnd-To-End Reconfigurability
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Although 3-MC had significant inhibitory effects on E2-mediated modulation of many genes in the mammary gland (132/325, 41%), a great proportion (193/325, 59%) of the E2-responsive genes were not affected by 3-MC (Figure 4).
E2 induces dramatic downregulation of ERs as early as 30 min post-treatment in E2-responsive cells, which is one of the most prominent effects in vitro of estrogen treatment (Valley et al.
2002), which we confirmed in the present study in HFD-fed mice, There is substantial evidence that maternal estrogenic exposures, such as TCDD, HFD, and obesity, increase E2-responsive cancer incidence in adult offspring (Brown et al.