E2EEEnd-to-End Encryption
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WorldPay's E2EE Solution enables us to more fully protect our customer's data," said Alan McKeever, President of McKeever's.
With WorldPay's E2EE solution, cardholder data is encrypted at the earliest possible entry point - upon card swipe or keyed entry into the PIN-device, and within the Tamper Resistant Security Module (TRSM) of McKeever's PIN-entry devices.
Unlike competing software-only encryption solutions, the WorldPay E2EE solution, powered by VeriFone's VeriShield Protect (VSP) technology, stores the encryption keys and encrypts the cardholder data within a TRSM.
By putting together this whitepaper, we wanted to increase awareness among merchants and integrators that by using E2EE services, such as CreditCall's CardEase Ultra, they can dramatically improve security within their mag-stripe environments right at the point of interaction.
COMBINING E2EE WITH NEXT GENERATION TOKENIZATION: Layering tokenization with end-to-end encryption greatly improves data security.
While merchants may have concerns regarding the immediate costs of security features such as E2EE, they must also keep in mind that they are liable for breaches and fraud that take place due to compromised data from their payment process," said Kristen Gramigna, director of BluePay.
E2EE keeps data safe throughout the entire payment process, providing a highly advanced and sophisticated form of protection on which consumers and retailers can heavily rely.
In addition to E2EE, BluePay offers security features such as PCI compliant payment gateways, software and data storage facilities, minimizing merchants' risk of liability and increasing customers' safety and confidence.