E4BElectricity 4 Business (UK)
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E4B provides an alternative to the big six UK suppliers by offering cheaper electricity for businesses spending less than 100,000 [pounds sterling] per annum on their supply.
Make it Cheaper said the rates at British Gas that the former E4B customers had been put on could be up to three times higher than the cheapest rates.
They advised all former E4B customers to take a meter reading, cancel direct debit payments and find out what the cheapest options were for the future.
E4B provided power to about 40,000 small and medium sized businesses before it went into administration.
The Mondeo was taken by a Special Branch contact close to the IRA and E4B Unit officers spent a day adapting the car and fitting the sophisticated bug.
Continental selected the highest-thrust version of the -535 engine, the E4B, which provides 43,100 pound-thrust.