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E85Ethanol vehicle fuel (85% denatured ethanol, 15% gasoline)
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FI projects that E85 sales will increase from 196 million gallons in 2013 to between 400 million and 4.
In Massachusetts, the promotion of E85 meets the states GreenDOT policy initiative of June 2010, which aims to incorporate sustainability into all Massachusetts Department of Transportation activities to reach greenhouse gas reduction targets mandated by the state's Global Warming Solutions Act.
Under the sustainment program, the sub-portfolio had already incorporated the new E85 fuel type into the system software, so no additional changes were required for installations at E85 fueling stations.
The resulting Biofuels Interagency Working Group is developing a plan to increase flex fuel vehicle use by making E85 and other biofuels more available.
Today, the San Diego-based convenience store operator is offering E85 and biodiesel at his single location and selling E85 through locations operated by other retailers throughout the state.
What we found is that at the warmer temperatures, with E85, there is a slight increase in ozone compared to what gasoline would produce," said Diana Ginnebaugh, a doctoral candidate in civil and environmental engineering, who worked on the study.
E85 is an official Clean Air Choice of the American Lung Association in the Upper Midwest due to its proven role in reducing harmful emissions.
NEXCOM awarded a public private venture contract in April 2008 to Protec Fuel for the infrastructure development and supply of the alternative fuel E85 (85 percent ethanol, 15 percent gasoline).
The E85 in Ireland is produced from waste products so arable farmland is not being devoted to growing petrol instead of food, it reduces our reliance on foreign oil imports and it is a damn sight cheaper at the pumps too.
E85 pumps are still rare, but supermarket chain Morrisons has pledged to provide them at all of its new garage sites, and work has already started on Teesside on a pounds 250m bioethanol factory which will eventually produce 400m litres of home-grown fuel annually.
There are at least two automotive manufacturers that will run cellulosic E85 racing ethanol during the 2008 season--Corvette Racing and Aston Martin Racing.
The fuel is designed for flexible-fuel vehicles (FFVs), said Roman Williams, Kroger southwest fuel merchandiser, adding "Our Kroger fuel centers have been leaders with new fuel products and services like E85 and fuel rewards.