EAEREEuropean Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
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Earlier versions of this paper were presented at the 7th Annual EAERE Meetings in Lisbon, Portugal, in June 1996, and the 4th Biennial ISEE Meetings in Boston, USA, in August 1996.
1994): Optimal Tax and Tax Reform Rules with Congestion Type of Externalities, paper prepared for the EAERE congress, Dublin, June.
We would like to thank Torbj[ddot{o}]rn Becker, Thomas Crocker, Matthew Emeny, Wilfred Ethier, Kevin Grier, Robert Inman, Paul Kleindorfer, William Oakland, Jonathan Pincus, Kamal Saggi, and participants at presentations at the Universities of Calgary, Central Florida, and Maryland, as well as at George Washington University, Southern Methodist University, and the Eighth Annual EAERE Conference held at Tilburg University.