EAFBEdwards Air Force Base (California, USA)
EAFBElmendorf Air Force Base (Anchorage, AK)
EAFBEllsworth Air Force Base (South Dakota)
EAFBEglin Air Force Base (Florida, USA)
EAFBEielson Air Force Base (Alaska)
EAFBEngland Air Force Base (Alexandria, LA)
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Two additional times are also available at EAFB on Tuesday.
Once development flight tests have been completed, payloads will be installed and joint operational utility flight demonstrations will be performed at EAFB.
We believe that encroachment of any type will severely weaken the ability of EAFB to resist additional encroachment in the future,'' the organization said in a letter to Edwards' commander, Maj.
Chuck Yeager, right, rates a salute as he steps down from his F-15 after his final supersonic flight in a military airplane at EAFB.
AV developed and fabricated Aircraft 1 in its dedicated manufacturing facility located in Southern California and shipped it to EAFB in December 2009.
Lori Palumbo and Victoria Coutts, left, clean out the cages at the EAFB Animal Shelter.
This innovative system was approved by the EPA and used to bio-remediate contaminated soils in the sub-arctic environment of EAFB.
We worked with folks out at EAFB because we understood they had an entrance already closed,'' said Tim Shultz, a Caltrans construction engineer for eastern Kern County.