EAHBExperimental Analysis of Human Behavior
EAHBEast African Highland Banana (agriculture)
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In the first phase of training, two observers independently applied the content categories to EAHB articles in six volumes of TPR and compared their ratings on an article-by-article basis.
Previous reports have described the number of EAHB articles in JEAB as a proportion of that journal's total articles (e.
Figure 1 shows the number of EAHB articles published each year in TPR from 1980 to 1999, compared to the number published in JEAB, as reported previously by Dymond and Critchfield (in press).
The bottom panels of Figure 2 show the percentage of each journal's EAHB articles that addressed each of the five content categories.
As the number of EAHB articles in TPR has grown, so too, perhaps, has its influence in this research area.
In examining EAHB publication trends outside of the pages of JEAB, the present investigation raises obvious questions about the relationship between journals in supporting EAHB research.