EAIGEastern Alliance Insurance Group
EAIGEuropean Automotive Initiative Group
EAIGEuro American Investors Group
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Companies identified for integration during the first phase are Al Taif Technical Services, Bayanat for Mapping and Surveying Services, and Horizon International Flight Academy from Mubadala; NIMR Automotive, Tawazun Dynamics and Tawazun Precision Industries from Tawazun; and C4 Advanced Solutions, Global Aerospace Logistics, Naval Advanced Solutions, Secure Communications and Thales Advanced Solutions from EAIG.
Under the agreement, EAIG acquires all airline operations and will operate under the name Era Aviation Inc.
They have been very supportive throughout the sale process," said Willie Charles Gault, one of the managers of EAIG.
The ripples from the shock first felt by the EAIG quickly extended not only to dismayed U.
The critical players involved in formulating policy toward the ROK during the Carter years were Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, Secretary of Defense Harold Brown, National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the EAIG.
This approach has allowed EAIG to close claims more quickly and at a lower average cost than the typical workers' compensation writer.
a Pennsylvania-domiciled insurance services provider and member of EAIG that acts as the third party administrator and provides services for all of the cells of Eastern Re.
These companies, which are the non-life risk-bearing entities of EAIG, provide both fronting capabilities and reinsurance protection to Eastern Re.
The required capital will be sourced through both EAIG and ELH, each of which maintains sufficient capital relative to their current ratings to source this requirement.
Best; however, upon closing, it is expected to be integrated into the EAIG pool, thus, sharing the ratings assigned to EAIG as a pool member.
EAIG consists of Eastern Alliance Insurance Company (EAIC), Allied Eastern Indemnity Company (AEIC) and EAAC, and all operate under an intercompany pooling agreement with EAAC recently becoming a member of EAIG.
These positive rating factors are partially offset by Eastern Re's reliance on EAIG for producing the majority of its assumed reinsurance business.